Tips for Early Graduation

First semester freshman entering the degree program with 15 credits or more previously earned may wonder about early graduation with either the agricultural economic or agribusiness degree.  Such a situation is not uncommon for first semester freshman, and several students have been able to graduate in less than a four year time frame.  Based on students graduating early with a sufficient number of hours coming in as a first time freshman, below are some rule of thumb for how to graduate early.

There are a variety of ways to graduate in less than 4 years, as seen below.

  • Plan early
    • Meet with your advisor regularly and develop a graduate plan early. Achieve high scores in microeconomics and macroeconomics to signal that you are ready to move into degree program core courses early.
  • Internships
    • Keep in mind you will only have 2 summers for this opportunity, if choosing to graduate in three years. Holding internships has been found to be a critical in job placement upon graduation.
  • Study abroad
    • Build a study abroad experience around a short study abroad opportunity, such as New Zealand during the January period.
  • Minors
    • You will need to plan carefully a minor, knowing your minor area as soon as entering college. The reason for starting the minor early is the potential for course scheduling conflicts when trying to graduate in a shorter time period.
  • Transferring Courses, Summer Courses, and Mizzou Online
    • It is common for students to earn college credit for courses during high school. Below is a list of courses students transfer in to Mizzou.
      • Math 1100 College Algebra
      • BioSci 1030 General Principles and Concepts of Biology with Laboratory
      • Chem 1100 Atoms and Molecules with Lab, Chem 1320 College Chemistry I, BioChem 2110 The Living World: Molecular Scale, or BioChem 2112 Biotechnology in Society
      • Hist 1100 Survey of American History to 1865 or Hist 1200 Survey of American History Since 1865
      • Englsh 1000 Exposition and Argumentation
      • Comm 1200 Public Speaking or AgEdLd 2220 Verbal Communication in Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
      • Acctcy 2026˜ Accounting I and Acctcy 2027˜ Accounting II
      • Econ 3229˜ Money, Banking and Financial Markets
      • AgEc 1041*˜ Applied Microeconomics
      • AgEc 3150*˜ International Agribusiness
      • AgEc 4940*˜ Internship Experiences in Agricultural Economics
        • * represents summer courses which may be taken on- or off-campus.
        • ˜ represents online courses with Mizzou Online
          • Self-paced courses allow for more hours to be taken throughout the semesters.